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Private Guides and Lecturers

We can provide you with your own private guide-lecturers to visit our ancient and modern sites and museums at your pace and time.

Athens: Rates for Private Guide-Lecturers
  • On foot visit to the Acropolis ( and its important monuments) 3 hours 195 euro
  • Visit to the National Archaeological Museum and its collection 3 hours 195 euro (additional transportation costs local bus or cab or minibus)
  • Drive to the Marathon Battlefield. Visit of the Tumulus(Tomb), scenic drive to Cape Sounion along the Riviera Attica with a visit to the Temple of Poseidon with a spectacular sunset. 8-10 hours 395 euro (Transportation is extra)
  • One day tour to Delphi to visit the Oracle with dramatic landscape and its unique museum 8- am - 6 p.m 295 euro. Transportation is additional either by coach, rent-a-car or mini bus.
  • One day tour to the main sites on the Peleponnese incl. Mycenae, Corinth canal, Epidauros (open air ancient theater), Nauplion- charming picturesque seaside town. 8:00am- 6:30pm 395 euro.Transportation is additional by cab, rent-a-car, coach or mini bus.
  • Longer tours outside Athens 395 euro/day plus meal/lodgings.
  • A Brief Description of Some of Our Guides & Lecturers


    myrtococconiMyrto is fluent in Greek, English, German and with good knowledge of Spanish and French. She knows virtually every island, museum and historic site of any importance in Greece. She has a very long experience with study tours from American universities like Carleton and St. Olaf Colleges in Minnesota, University of Wisconsin, Washington University in Seattle, etc. She has lectured various ministers from Germany, as well as adult and younger groups, church groups, and groups of special interest.
    She has a university level Diploma from the National Greek Tourist Organization. Her expertise and enthusiasm for the country will ensure your study tour a rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience, whether your interest is in Western Civilization, Greek and Byzantine Art, History, Local Customs, Folklore , Botany. She is also knowledgeable of all aspects of modern Greek society .Her hobbies include archaeology, history of art, folk dancing and aerobics. She is married and has two daughters living in Boston, USA.


    Stella has a Ph. D. in Ethnology, and a Masters degree from Syracuse University, New York. She guides and lectures for many study tours from the US, as well as the well known SWANS Hellenic Cruises with lecturers from Oxford and Cambridge onboard. She is fluent in Greek, English and Spanish. Her knowledge is of a very high scholarly standard. Her US education combined with her Cretan heritage and her vast well-rounded knowledge makes her an excellent guide/lecturer.


    gabrieleguide Gabriele a native of Germany, working in Greece for over 15 years, the last 7 years as our associate in Athens. Gabriele is fluent in German, English and Greek. She likes to take care of all group arrangements in Greeceand being of our selected guides. After graduating from three years guiding school and obtaining her Guiding Diplomas. She also hold a diploma of IATA for airline ticketing. A graduate of the Professional Photography Academy, she loves photography, music, theater, travelling and hiking and Greece!


    smaroguideSmaro Touloupa a native of Greece has a Bachelor of Arts Diploma in Sociology, from the American College of Greece. Her guide license required a 2 years University level course in Archeology, History, and Arts and since her graduation in 1998 and since then she has guided study groups from England and the US and Europe in English and Italian. She is fluent in those languages. She has also conversational level of French and she had instructions in Turkish, Japanese and Spanish. She recently obtained her Masters Degree in Cultural Management. Smaro immensely enjoys reading, traveling and trekking, studing diverse human cultures, societies and politics.


    Irini Lemonari was born in Athens and graduated from the Arsakeion Classical High School she entered the University of Athens from where she obtained the Bachelor in Archaeology and History of Art. During the years 1999-2002, she studied at the guiding school of the capital, mostly Archaeology, Fine Arts, and History and acquired an official
    license. Since then, she has worked as a guide leading groups, mostly educational groups from Colleges and Universities in the US.
    In 2002, she started her postgraduate studies in the field of Byzantine Archaeology. She speaks English, German and French. She likes reading and traveling, and inspires young people and teachers alike with her personality and knowledge of limitations of Archaeology and History but also of Greek dances.