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Permanent Exhibition:  Scenes from Daily Life in Antiquity *NEW*

The permanent exhibition on the 4th floor of the Main Building tries to transform our knowledge about daily life in antiquity (as provided by ancient texts and archaeological objects) into vivid images. CLICK FOR MORE…

 museum cycladic art


Visitors are invited into a virtual tour in time and space: the tours starts from the world of the supernatual (gods) and the myth (heroes), goes through the realm of Eros, follows the activities of everyday women and men in their private and public life, explores their religious behaviour, and concludes with their attitudes against death and their beliefs about afterlife and the Underworld.
One hundred forty two objects - mostly dating to the are grouped in nine separate units treating the following thematic areas:
- Gods and Heroes
- On the wings of Eros
- Toiletry and wedding
- In the Athenian Agora
- Warfare
The exhibition is supported by ample graphics which are meant both to increase the overall aesthetic effect and to enhance public understanding of the various artefacts and their function.
Each showcase has a frieze of drawings accompanied by explanatory texts which provide as much information as possible about the particular subject.
The museum is open daily 10am – 5 pm .Sundays 11 am – 5 pm
Tuesdays closed .



June   2012



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