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We specialize in custom designed group study tours to regions such as Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Groups range in size and composition, from college and university class tours, alumni tours, museum and art associations, to religious and biblical tours, senior citizens and special interest groups.

Our focus is:

Western Civilization
►Art History
►Religion and Biblical Studies
►Classics and Archaeology
►Ancient Drama and Theatre
Welcome to Educational Tours!

We arrange:

LECTURES by notable Scholars and Classicists from the American School of Classical Studies on their excavation sites in Athens, Crete and Corinth.
MEETINGS with local students or residents for joint cultural events, outings, or entertainment with local music
HIGHLY QUALIFIED GUIDES/LECTURERES and a team of staff dedicated to the highest quality of service in educational travel
EDUCATIONAL STUDY VISITS to out-of the beaten track locations such as the American Farm School, a truly unique institution in Thessaloniki, The Vorres Museum, a private collection with thousands of paintings in an authentic, traditional Greek home, local monasteries with nuns sharing their views on religion and monastic life, the Paros School of Art and Painting in Cyclades
SPECIAL VISITS to wineries including wine tasting, traditional ceramics and alabaster workshops, "flokati" (sheep rugs) and carpet workshops, olive presses, and orange groves.
GUIDE LECTURE PERMITS are arranged for qualified professors to lecture their students on sites (instead of local guides), a saving of $ 2.000 and 50% Reduction on Admission Fees for qualified groups of students, in all subjects, a saving of $95 p.p.
SPECIAL CULTURAL EVENTS such as folk-dancing by local dancers, concerts, ancient drama and opera in Greece and Turkey.
STAYS IN TRADITIONAL GUEST HOUSES all with modern facilities, in the Mt. Pelion villages, Epirus mountain villages and in Istanbul, Turkey as well as selected 3 & 4 star hotels.
DELICIOUS DINING EXPERIENCES with local specialties and excellent wine prepared by local chefs in small villages or island tavernas while in Greece (including village recipes for popular Greek dishes)

TRAVEL OPERATOR/LIABILITY INSURANCE with a major U.S insurance company with 1 million USD coverage

AND 35 YEARS of experience organising educational group travel in Greece & the Mediterranean region.

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